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My Story of how I Turned My Annual Income Into A Monthly Income

I am so thankful for you and your desire to change YOUR world.  I want to share with you the story of how my life changed over the years.  

I grew up in a small town in Montana, USA.  Yup, that's right...Big Sky Montana!  My father was a Logger and always worked very hard to provide for his family.  My mother spent most of her time looking after me, my younger sister and my little brother.  Living in such beautiful, wild country, I developed a deep love and respect for the outdoors, the majesty of the mountains and the power and wonder of all the beautiful lakes and rivers.  My family went to church every Sunday and my religious upbringing led me to attend a small private college in Portland, Oregon: This is where I met Matt.  At the end of our four years of college together, in the fall of 1990, we were married and moved to  Canada to seek our fortunes.  It is funny all the twists and turns that life brings us...isn't it?  Well, after a few years in Canada we decided to move back to the United States to be closer to my family.  This decision changed the trajectory of our lives again.  

My mother and father
"I Do"
We started having children, bought our first home and became part of a team of six people that started what was to become the largest church in North Idaho.  We were now leaders in a church that grew from 6 to over 2500 in two years.  To make a long story short, this experience lead us to move back to British Columbia, Canada in 2001 to work with a small Church in a small town called Vernon.   Well...through a series of events and some very difficult times we resigned from that church after only 2 1/2 years, and started our first small business in our community, a drive-thru coffee bar. That led us to opening a restaurant and catering company.  We had very busy lives and are so grateful, that in spite of our demanding schedules, our three girls turned out so well. 
Young family ready to move back to Canada
Our little Drive-Thru Coffee Bar
Our girls...all grown up!
The sandwich that made us famous
There really is only one constant that we can be assured of in life and that is everything is in a continuous state of change!  In 2007 my father was killed in a tragic accident and then my mother died of cancer several years later.  A grounding force in my life was gone; I couldn't continue on the same path that I was on.  I felt like there had to be more to life than what I was doing, so I walked away from my restaurant, my beloved business that I had built from the ground up.  I started searching for more meaning in life, I read books and studied, and was constantly looking for answers.  Then my husband's younger brother died of a heart attack and my mother-in-law died of cancer.  Wow! "I can't waste any more time!" was the thought that kept me searching when I stumbled across a YouTube video of Bob Proctor!
I could not get enough of Bob Proctor's teachings.  He explain the Natural Laws of the Universe, the Power of Your Mind and how the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind works, in a way that made sense to me.   I became his diligent and faithful student and remember so clearly the day I set my goal to turn my annual income into my monthly income. I had no idea how I was going to do it and only set that goal out of blind faith that Bob knew what he was talking about (he was the one who encouraged me to make that goal).  "This Is Crazy!!" I thought.  "How can I turn my annual income into my monthly income?  Bob doesn't understand the industry that I am in!"  I remember him saying, "Don't worry about the 'HOW' just believe that you can, impress the idea on your subconscious mind and it will come into form."  "Whatever you hold in your mind you can hold in your hand."

Well I really wanted to reach my goal so I kept studying and learning and moving forward as best as I could.  Then one of my accountability partners in the Bob Proctor Coaching course that I was in said "Angie, you should become a coach!"  When I made the decision to become a Licensed Facilitator and Coach for the Proctor Gallagher Institute that's when everything changed. That was four months after I had set the goal of turning my annual income into my monthly income, and in just two weeks I made $50,000.   My excitement to share this material with others was contagious and put me immediately in Bob Proctors sights. His secretary contacted me and invited me to have dinner with him at his home in Toronto, Canada.  Well, in a whirlwind, I was on a plane to Toronto and that is where it hit me..."I reached my goal!" It didn't happen the way that I thought it would but it happened, and that was the beginning of my business as a Facilitator for the Thinking Into Results Program
Bob teaching me how to turn my annual income into a monthly income
The first time I met Bob at his home in Toronto
I now live the life that I have always dreamed.  I spend my days helping people Turn Their Thinking Into Results, learning how to get exactly what they want, every time, guaranteed.  It is EXCITING!  I have made it my Mission to teach the science of the mind and show people how to think...I mean really really think!  If you do, you can have whatever you want in life.  I promise!
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