High Level Coaching
Through Angie's intensive and on-going training with Bob Proctor, her life experience as a successful business owner, mother of 3 grown daughters and a high life-long value of serving others, she brings a level of knowledge and understanding that sets her apart from most.  

The success that she has had as a top consultant with The Proctor Gallagher Institute is reflected in her clients.  She doesn't teach people what to do...she teaches people how to think so that they can get everything they want in life...guaranteed.

Angie has become a Leading Consultant in the world within the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a member of the Inner Circle. Working with Angie creates phenomenal results! She brings unprecedented wisdom and intuition into her coaching and is committed to fighting for the financial, mental and emotional freedom of everyone who chooses to work with her. Her teaching and leadership ability greatly enhances the impact of Bob Proctor’s proven formula with both individuals and businesses helping them unleash their full potential.
What Bob has to say about Angie
Learn How To Turn Your Thinking Into 
The Results You Want
(Use the Power Of Your Mind to get whatever you want, whenever you want no matter what business or industry you are in)
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