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Barb C.
"Because I have this whole new mind set and set of tools at my disposal, I can sail through [the difficult things that life throws at you] with so much more grace and ease than ever before. I realize now that I was a 'reactor'. And now I just don't...I just feel calm all the time now."
*** Barb is now travelling the world as a Travel Photographer for a whole year - her big life goal - and making more money doing it than she ever has before ***
"If I hadn't have met Angie, I definitely would not be doing this!"
"After working with Angie, I began to realize how a positive self image gave me power to control what was happening in my life. I don't even recognize the person I was a year ago! Angie Tumlinson gave me the tools I need to have an AMAZING life!!" 
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Barb C.
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