Change Your Thoughts And
Change Your Life
(Learn The Science Of The Mind To Accomplish Anything...Guaranteed)

Angie Tumlinson

Science-Of-The-Mind Integration Expert
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
How to understand & identify the number 1 thing that is stopping you from having the life you want and the results you desire.
A B C's of Success
The most powerful tool that will drive you to success and help you to prioritize all of your activities.
Learn why you and 96% of people stay in one of the lowest levels of Awareness - The Masses - 
and how to easily move to the Highest Level of Awareness - Mastery.
Science-Of-The-Mind Integration Expert
About The Speaker:
Angie Tumlinson is a Science Of The Mind Integration Expert.

"I show people how to engage with their hidden mechanism 
to get what they really want."

She has been married to her best friend Matt for 27 years and has 3 adult daughters, Melia, Micah and Maddi. She and her husband created 2 traditional businesses and sold them both at the peak of their success. 

 Angie is now a speaker, writer and Certified Consultant with Proctor Gallagher Institute working alongside Bob Proctor teaching the Thinking Into Results leadership program.  

"Thinking Into Results is the most powerful personal and business transformational program of its kind."

Angie has become a Leading Consultant in the world within the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a member of the Inner Circle. Working with Angie creates phenomenal results!  She brings unprecedented wisdom and intuition into her coaching and is committed to fighting for the financial, mental and emotional freedom of everyone who chooses to work with her.  Her teaching and leadership ability greatly enhances the impact of Bob Proctor’s proven formula with both individuals and businesses helping them unleash their full potential.

"I was formally introduced to ANGIE TUMLINSON in August of 2016. Her conviction and passion to "THINKING INTO RESULTS" helped me to commit to a major change in my life!  I left my career of 32 years in April of 2017 and started living a LIFE of CHOICE! Now, my thoughts, feelings and actions are FINALLY in-line. ... with sincere appreciation, thank you ANGIE ! 
Tracy H. Cassivi
Angie's talent to help me truly discover who I am, the greatness in me and the potential I have, has been so empowering.  I see myself so differently, 
so CAPABLE today.  My self IMAGE has TRULY changed how I think about, 
feel and see myself and I love it!!!  
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND an investment in yourself with Angie's guidance and discover the potential and greatness within you.  
Patti Wood
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